Welcome to the KM4FMK website

My goal as a new ham myself in this modern day is to pass along information that may be useful to other hams, new or experienced. With ever expanding technology, the younger generation is finding new ways to make use of the airwaves that used to be primarily voice chat or CW.

Today it is more than just AM, FM and CW. There is fusion, DMR, FreeDV, D-star, Echolink, and so many other combined uses for these new technologies. Some are flourishing, some are destined for failure. It us this newer generation of hams that will determine the path of ham radio.

I hope you enjoy my site, and please keep checking back for new updates.

New HT antenna tests have been posted

Have a look under the Product Reviews section above for the new handheld antenna test results where I test several stock antennas against some upgrade and aftermarket antennas.

My vanity call sign change

My vanity call sign (K4ISR) was approved and took effect March 10 2015, but I will be keeping this domain name as is.

Hopes, plans and dreams

I hope to explore various topics and sometimes seemingly random information here, which may include:

  • Baofeng radios and their accessories
  • Echolink
  • SDR hardware and software
  • Homebrew projects
  • Whatever other random info I happen to decide to post