Florida SARnet information

8 Mar 2016

For those not aware, the state of Florida has a system of linked repeaters covering much of the state. Most of the repeaters are online, some are still being setup and are not on the air yet. SARnet stands for "Statewide Amateur Radio Network". All of the repeaters are UHF, and are required to use 50W or less power (as are all licensed amateurs within the state of Florida) due to the limitations imposed by Federal law in vicinity of military bases and installations (in this case ALL of Florida, see Part 97.313 (f) and 47 CFR 2.106 (a) (1)).
So with that out of the way, you can view the official website HERE which has some basic information on the system and some details about the repeaters. The build-out maps show general areas with frequencies and potential status of the repeaters. The purpose of this page is to pass along the information I've found, as well as the frequencies for ease of programming.

So for reference, I have uploaded a few files:

  1. SARnet CSV
  2. SARnet list in open spreadsheet format (ODS)
  3. SARnet list for easy import into CHIRP - Note: open the file in Chirp, read from your radio, copy and paste the frequencies, do not try to directly import into any radio.

NOTE: this information is unofficial, check on the sarnet website and/or repeaterbook for potentially updated information.
You should be able to use these with most office based programs including Microsoft Office, Open/Libre Office and others. The third file is formatted for importing into Chirp, it starts at memory 50 so you may need to scroll down (or expand number of visible memory channels to around 100 or all 127) to see them all.

While it is used for emergency communications, this network of linked repeaters can be and is used for casual chatter. There have been a few misinformed individuals that occasionally speak up and ask people to "clear the frequency as these repeaters are for emergency only", but they are wrong. Amateur radio laws still take effect, if someone chimes in with an emergency, step aside and give them priority on the repeater network (or if you're in the vicinity, try to help if possible). They even have a weekly net that starts at approximately 9AM Eastern (2PM/14:00 UTC). If you can hear them, you are encouraged to check in if possible.