RadioShack 100ft RG8/X coax

2014 Dec 27

Part/Catalog# 2780020

I picked up a 100ft. spool (in a box with a pull through hole) of this from their website for $24.99 a few weeks ago (NOTE: link dead due to RadioShack dissolving). The center is stranded copper, and the outer shield is also the "web" of copper as proper ham coax should be.
After it arrived I stopped by the local RS and picked up 2 screw on PL-259 connectors that said on its own packaging: for RG-59, RG-62, RG-8M (mini). Typical RG8mini is just another code for RG8X in most circles. I just needed them for some quick antenna testing so I brought them home, trimmed off enough for the end and it didn't fit. The outer jacket was way too big and the threads couldn't get a grip. The threaded portion is 0.235" (6mm). So not thinking much of it, I ordered a 6 pack of crimp type RG8X to PL-259 connectors off Amazon for $10.90 + free S&H. Started again, and still did not fit. Turns out that these connectors are made for the older/standard RG8X which is 0.242", yet this coax is 0.275" OD.
So since I needed it for some quick and dirty testing, I went without the outer crimp piece, split the jacket out so the connector would fit on it, and the center feeds in far enough to liquefy the solder in the end and make a decent connection. Then I used some thick electrical solder and gobbed it on so the outer braid shield stays somewhat firm with the PL-259 connector. Then wrapped it up in heat shrink and even taped over with electrical tape. Should work fine for temporary use.

So by the measurements, this could best be described as "RG8X/U", and anyone buying it will need to make sure they buy the connectors with a 0.270-0.275 ID screw on type or 0.280 ID crimp on in order to have a good grip/contact with the outer jacket.

Specs on this is non-existent, but I hope at some point in the future I get a coax tester to see if it is truly 50ohm, as well as other specs on it.
Thanks for reading along, I hope to have more info on this at a future time.