This will be the page that provides my personal opinions and reviews of various items as I am able to do so. Remember that this is my personal opinion, and as a family man with limited income, I may not have the chance to review the biggest or the best of any given product line.

My first ham radio related device was the Baofeng (pronounced Pow-fung) UV-5R, and since that first purchase, I now have 10 HTs, 9 mobile radios for various bands, and a Kenwood TS-820S.

I have also created a few antennas, first was the rigid copper pipe J-pole for 2m and is currently 35ft above the ground, and is used with the Yaesu FT-2900R or my BTECH UV-50X2. I have seen random propagation get my signal out 300+ miles, but mostly participate in local nets. Also have a Windom across my back yard which is used for 10-40m with my TS-820S.

Most recent reviews:

Antenna Calculator

Dec 2015: I have recently added an antenna calculator to my website, click here to use it.

Review Plans

Equipment I have now and plan to review in the near future:

  • Baofeng radios and their accessories
  • Echolink
  • Homebrew projects like my Jpole and SO-239 ground plane antennas (2m 1/4 wave, 1.25m 1/4 wave and 70cm 1/2 wave)
  • Cheap SDR that came in a while back, as well as software related to this SDR
  • Future reviews depend on if I get products bought, donated, or lent to me (willing to sign contract to return after review or within specified timeframe).
  • Whatever other random items I happen to decide to post