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If you are a retailer, salesperson, or otherwise wish to have your product honestly reviewed, please use the Contact Us link. Please be aware that free products, ad space, money, etc will not alter or sway my opinions.

I have written as a teen journalist (intern) for the Rapid City Journal in Rapid City, SD In the early 1990s during my high school years, as well as my local high school newspaper.

I was on staff as a product reviewer for the HardwareLogic website before creative differences sent us our different ways.

Since high school (which has been 20+ years now) I have dug into every computer I could get my hands on and fixed, altered, or disassembled them. Previously I was Server Admin at a small Christian internet service company based in my area, but have more recently moved on to a IT Support Analyst role in the healthcare industry (2017-current).

Antenna Calculator

I have recently added an antenna calculator to my website, click here to use it.

Florida SARnet info

I am keeping this info promarily as personal reference, but if anyone else can make use of it, then I am happy to help: Florida SARnet info.